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Hokkaido Ginger Syrup (Black)

■ Confectionary researcher 【Ijusashi Rami】 supervision
■ Hokkaido Iwamizawa Toyosato Ginger Party Production ginger used

A luxurious ginger syrup that guts down all over Hokkaido ginger.
Hot ginja with hot water, ginger ale with carbonated water, cocktail by dividing with sake.
I am familiar with the body to any scene.
Take in everyday and get cold. Please feel the power of the body-friendly ginger from the body.
Basic black used "North sugar" made from Hokkaido's bean cabbage.
It is characterized by a refreshing sweetness with richness.
If you split with plum wine and hot water it will make you feel warmer and body will warm up.

【Raw materials】 Sugar (granulated sugar · beet "sugar beet") sugar · ginger · lemon juice
[Contents amount] 220 ml
[Shelf life] 180 days from manufacturing date
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
[Dimension] width 75 × height 97.5 × depth 75 (unit: mm)


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