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Carrot Mix Bottle (80ml)

It is a carrot mix bottle of swallowable size.
We use 100% of Hokkaido carrot shrouded by the sun's mouth and the mountainous earth
It is a body-friendly juice with plenty of carrot fiber.
It is easy to drink and mixes apple juice to make delicious juice.
"I'd like you to drink every day" CARROT MIX BOTTLE made with such feelings, please relish.

【Product Name】 Carrot Mix Juice
【Raw materials】 Carrot, apple, sugar (water syrup / glucose)
[Contents amount] 80 ml
[Shelf life] 12 months from manufacturing date
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
【Dimensions】 Width 50 × height 90 × depth 50 (unit: mm)

※ After opening, please refrigerate at ease, as soon as possible.


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