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Grape Bottle White (80ml)

White grape juice with swallowing size.
Features elegant sweetness and refreshing ease of use. Genuine-oriented easy to drink taste is also recommended for older people from children. It is a body-friendly additive-free juice that you can enjoy the tasty fruit and taste.

There is a thing that crystals (tartar) naturally precipitate at the bottom of the bottle ※, please drink with confidence because there is no problem in the quality of juice. Thank you for your understanding that spontaneous generation of tartarite is a proof of non-added straight juice.

【Product name】 Grape juice
【Raw materials】 wine exclusive use grapes, using organic fertilizer, no additive · no coloring
[Contents amount] 80 ml
[Shelf life] 12 months from manufacturing date
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
【Dimensions】 Width 50 × height 90 × depth 50 (unit: mm)

※ After opening, please refrigerate at ease, as soon as possible.


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