Juice & Soup

Mini Tomato Bottle (720ml)

We made about 160 pieces of mini tomatoes from Hokkaido in a bottle.
High sugar content, plenty of rich flavor and plenty. Please enjoy tomato juice with a taste you never ever had.
Tomato makes me feel like vegetables or fruits.
You can also use it easily as a material for dishes.

【Product name】 Tomato juice
【Raw materials】 mini tomato (Carol 7), salt 0.2% (natural salt), organic fertilizer used
[Contents amount] 720 ml
[Shelf life] 12 months from manufacturing date
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
[Dimensions] Width 85 × height 300 × depth 85 (Unit: mm)

※ After opening, please refrigerate at ease, as soon as possible.


※Currently we only accept orders from Japan.

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