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Strawberry Jam 140g

It is a preserve type strawberry jam made from Hokkaido with only 100% ripe strawberry.
We squeezed the taste of the raw material as it is and added only raw lemon juice and granulated sugar to make it low sugar content.
Ichigo uses about 20 grains of M size in one bottle, sticking to standard items for raw food. Difference in coldness peculiar to Hokkaido makes strawberries more rich flavor.
We will deliver a pure strawberry jam from the north earth.

【Product Name】 Strawberry Jam
【Raw Material】 Strawberry · Sugar · Lemon
[Contents amount] 140 g
[Shelf life] 300 days from the date of manufacture
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
[Dimensions] Width 55 × height 90 × depth 55 (Unit: mm)


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