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Ginger Gelee Pickles

Use plenty of Hokkaido Iwamizawa ginger, fresh carrot, paprika, cucumber and mix.
I made pickled juice type pickled in a special pickle liquor made from Italian organic white balsamic vinegar.
Ginger peculiar pungent flavor and vegetable shakijaki texture add color to the dish.
Please enjoy delicious pickles that you can eat with vinegar simply by applying it to salads, carpaccio, steamed meat etc.

【How to spend recommended ___ ___ 0】
(1) It is also a ingredient of sandwiches with mayonnaise.
(2) As a DIP source to be applied to raw vegetables and meat.
(3) Organic white balsamic vinegar as moderately sour and sweet as accent mixed non-oily dressing.

[Contents amount] 120 g
[Shelf life] 180 days from manufacture
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
[Dimensions] Width 67 × height 72 × depth 67 (Unit: mm)


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