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Hokkaido Vegetable Marine

North farm stock special marinade seasoned with colorful rich Hokkaido vegetables with Italian direct imported organic white balsamic vinegar characterized by elegant sweetness.
For the vegetables from Hokkaido, we chose carrots, white beans, cucumbers, corn, maize and soup.
To the snacks of sake, meat dishes, toppings of salad.
You can eat more delicious chill.

【Raw materials】 Carrot, white bean, cucumber, corn, soup stock, pickled raw materials (grape vinegar, salt, pepper, clove hall, baroque, chili, cardamom)
[Contents amount] 220 g
[Shelf life] 180 days from the date of manufacture
【Allergen (Specific 7 items)】 None
[Dimensions] Width 68 × height 114 × depth 68 (Unit: mm)


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