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Melba Toast

Melba toast is an aroma and delicious toast that Australian opera singer, Nelly Melba loved.
The toast which baked thinly sliced bread crisply,
It has low calories and is very healthy and it is popular as a diet food.
Melba toast using Hokkaido wheat · whole grain flour is characterized by simple original taste of the material.
Dip, jam, cheese compatibility is also good, you can enjoy it as snacks and snacks.

※ This will be a plain type with no taste. Please enjoy together with dips and jams.

[Contents amount] 12 sheets
[Shelf life] 180 days from the date of manufacture
【Allergens (Specific 7 items)】 Milk · Wheat
[Dimensions] Width 145 × height 64 × depth 80 (Unit: mm)


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