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Hokkaido Pancake Mix 600g

It is Hokkaido pancake mix using Hokkaido wheat, buttermilk, sugar.
Easy to make pancake mix can also be used for waffles and so on.

【Hokkaido pancake mix 5 commitment】

1. We are using wheat flour, buttermilk, sugar from Hokkaido.
2. Since you are using buttermilk from Hokkaido, you can make pancakes with a beautiful grilled color that is "soft" and "moist".
3. Aluminum free expansion agent is used.
4. We are modest in sweetness and aroma.
5. It can be used for fabrics such as waffles.

【Product Name】 Hokkaido pancake mix
[Contents] 600 g
[Shelf life] 365 days from the date of manufacture
【Allergens (Specific 7 items)】 Wheat · Milk · Egg
[Dimensions] Width 100 × height 190 × depth 35 (Unit: mm)


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