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Baked Rare Cheese Cake (Plain)

This item is a chilled product. Please select a chilled product by specifying a delivery method.

Using plenty of cream cheese from Hokkaido, sticking to quality and fresh material,
In order to bring out a rich flavor, I baked it carefully at low temperature.
You can taste the chilly taste of rich cream cheese.
Enjoy the bitter exquisite deliciousness of thick crisp cream cheese and black cacao shoot.

※ Please enjoy this product after thawing. (About 2 hours in refrigerator)
* When ordering at online shop, please specify cool flight (frozen) by delivery method.
※ We are delivering it separately from other products for quality preservation.

[Contents] Size: No. 4 (diameter 12 cm)
[Shelf Life Period] Frozen Storage Period Described on the back side (90 days), 5 days after thawing
【Allergens (Specific 7 items)】 Milk · Egg · Wheat
[Dimensions] Width 132 × height 50 × depth 150 (Unit: mm)

※ After opening, please refrigerate at ease, as soon as possible.


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