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【Vegan】Plain cookie (2 pieces)

It is a basic type of cookie characterized by the flavor of Hokkaido wheat and gentle sweetness of maple syrup.

Contents: 2 pieces
Allergies (7 Specific Raw Materials): Wheat
Shelf Life: 7 days or more from the scheduled delivery date

※ We are paying close attention to packing · shipping, but due to the nature of the product, cracks and chipping may occur.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

■■■ About "Vegan" of NORTH FARM STOCK SWEETS ■■■
A baked confectionery series that made use of the flavor and taste of the material without using any animal origin raw materials such as butter or milk. It is a new proposal sweet which is calorie discreet and body-friendly.


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※Package, label, design are subject to change without notice.