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Low-Carb Cookie "Fifties"(Sesame)

Carbohydrate 50% OFF.
Crisp texture and rich flavor. Healthy sweets satisfying heart and body. While sticking sugar with carefully selected materials, I stick to the rich flavor with original formulation. It is a one-size cookie that you can easily eat in the office or in the office. Perfumed fragrance of sesame fragrance every mouth. It exquisitely blends black sesame and white sesame and spreads aroma taste in your mouth.

[Contents] 10 sheets (5 sheets × 2 bags)
[Shelf life] 90 days from the date of manufacture
【Allergies (Specific 7 items)】 Wheat · Egg
[Dimensions] Width 53 × height 150 × depth 53 (unit: mm)


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