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Hokkaido Cracker (Plain)

A cracker for enjoying wine using wheat from Hokkaido has been reborn.
We pursued a more comfortable size, crispy texture.
Package also renewed to box type. It can be purchased for a wider range of applications such as souvenirs and petit gifts.
Plain is characterized by a natural taste using wheat from Hokkaido.
Crunchy crunchy crisp crackers of size are offered as they are, of course,
Creams, raw hams, dipping and other favorite toppings will spread your way of enjoying.

[Contents amount] 70 g
[Shelf life] 90 days from the date of manufacture
【Allergies (Specific 7 items)】 Wheat, milk, egg
[Dimension] width 80 × height 80 × depth 64 (unit: mm)


※Currently we only accept orders from Japan.

To order from Japan please use this Japanese website.https://www.northfarmstock.com/

※Package, label, design are subject to change without notice.